Website Prices Interface Support Satisfaction Information Review

The range of services provided online is unlimited. The global network made the job of freelancer extremely popular. Specialists from different areas simplify the user’s tasks giving them more vacant hours for focusing on what is really essential. This concerns the sphere of education as well.  Students’ educational process becomes simpler if they can entrust writing essays in, for instance, no major subjects to professionals. With the wide variety of services it is, however, not easy to find one that works for customers really good.

3One of such websites is , whose major activity is to conduct research, write essays on any desirable topic, term and research papers. They have been performing in this market for many years and are experienced in writing. Checking their website, one can see a number of services they provide. However, it sometimes turns out that it is not possible to uphold all the promises. In the list of their services they put top-quality research and writing, professional lever of writers and round the clock support system that provides instant assistance. In case of the arising questions or placing the order the calls to are free of charge, communication via email is also possible. Everything seems quite common. But before taking the decision to use the service one should size up the company who they are hiring for doing some work.

Speaking about the instant assistance system, it is not perfect. Automation of some stages makes the process of solving the problem quite long and boring. Emails are neither processed instantly. Not always, but at time it takes a day to get your reply. And, in situations when you must have your order done quickly, this may lead to missing the submission deadline.

When it comes to term, it should be mentioned that there are cases the service may not stick to the deadline probably because of the small stuff and a large number of orders.

They do deliver customized writing services for each individual client and they claim to check each order for authenticity. But with such a high overload of the services can the texts be really unique? In some cases, customer has to carry out the post-examination of their orders.

4Another thing that arouses mistrust is that you can’t really know the amount of the final cost before the order is carried out. The price starts from $12.99, an average price, it should be mentioned. But the total cost varies in accordance with the scope of work, complicacy of the subject, definite period. Thus, a customer may be charged more than they expect in the end. Extra charge is also accounted in case if the customer wants a specific freelancer to execute their order. In such event, the cost of the order will include the regular price plus additional 15 per cent of this cost. They say this payment is given without any deductions to the freelancer as a bonus. If the work fulfilled by the company is satisfactory for the customer and he comes back to use this service again, it makes him a standing client. However, at  discount are not provided for standing clients.

This service is trying to be responsive to customers and fulfill all the desired requirements. Before writing the paper or essay, they collect customer’s instructions and drafts. One page of the paper written by  will contain 300 words. All the texts are usually double spaces. Though, if a client requests, they can be single spaced.

A great advantage is that they take and fill orders from around the world. You can live in any place on the planet and have your essay or paper written by a professional in your domain. Yet, here arises the language issue. It is apparent that the paper has to be written either by the native speaker, or someone very close to the native speaker. In other case, this is going to be a time and money waster, because the examiner will definitely notice the language level. If it is your first time to use this service, how to get guarantee the end result is going to be completely satisfactory and your paper will seem to be written by you personally? It is either you know someone who has already checked them and can advice this team, or you need to contact the administration and get the guarantees from them. In case some things will have to be corrected, you have to have guarantees you will not be the one to alter their work.