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Anywhere in the world every student knows that studying is not only reading and learning, this is also conducting research, analyses, making personal conclusions. To give students the opportunity to express their opinion there were created essays, term papers, theses, etc. Let us be honest, students nowadays are busy with many different things, many of them start taking part-time jobs to receive the field experience before they graduate, etc., so they don’t have plenty of time for visiting  libraries, long browsing in internet in search for the tons of material for writing a term paper, or twisting their heads over another essay. There were created places where they can get professional assistance about his for a fair payment.

5One of them is  . This is a team of professionals who will fulfill the entire procedure for the student when dealing with essay writing. Along with writing they also write term papers, MCQ, theses and dissertations, they draw business plans, do editing. Another feature of  is that they know the structure of the papers they write and the standards to be kept. However, for those who do this job these should not even be issues, knowing these basics is what shows team’s professionalism – to do everything perfectly from the soap to nuts.

Quite strange thing is that a writer would include his personal opinions or thoughts into the essay. This is one of those issues that should be at least discussed with the customer, these should be customer’s opinion and thoughts on the topic. This shows that the team does not work in close cooperation with their customers. When it concerns the theoretical, general part – it works ok, but when it comes to the conclusions there should be reflected specifically customer’s opinion. This is how usually how papers become tailor-made.  offers their customers unlimited revisions and editing of essays. This service makes one wonder whether they review their own essays for many times or written by somebody else. A work done properly from the first time does not really need unlimited number of revisions.

It is extremely difficult to convey the customer’s personal writing style without conducting some tests and often communication with customer, which they don’t do at this company. It means such service as adjustment to customer’s writing style is just a method to attract more people to their service.

Prices and discounts

6Their prices are considered to be average prices for the services they offer. The prices vary in accordance with the students’ levels of study. For a bachelor’s essay a student will pay $12.70. If one needs his master’s essay to be written for him he will pay $15.99, and the price of writing a doctorate essay is $20.79. It should be mentioned that these are approximate prices only, which means that basically a student will have to pay up than that. Why? It happens because they want to charge for the entire scope of work, the more words in the essay the higher its price, if this is an urgent order the price will rise; if a student has chosen a difficult topic for his essay this will also influence the price. So, eventually, to total cost may be an unpleasant surprise for a student. And this can not be calculated in advance to give a faint idea for the person who much he is going to pay.

There is provided a 20% discount for the valuable clients of the company. But they do not, unfortunately, provide any terms and conditions how to become such evaluable clients and get the discount.  makes their pages contain 300 words each. The texts are normally double spaced. Single spaced texts are customized on a client’s personal request only.

How to contact : there are 2 ways to contact the team: by phone or email. The calls are said to be chargeless. They say they are available for their customers around the clock. It should be noted that the customer service has gaps. If one chooses to call, he sometimes would have to wait forever until someone will finally answer. Emails are sometimes lost in the pile of other emails they receive, so you may not be replied until the next day or later. If your order is not urgent there is nothing wrong with it. But it is a discomfort if you have an urgent work to be done.