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7A student can not escape writing a research paper, term paper or simply an essay during the study. They are compulsory elements of every level of education.   However, the process of writing can be time-consuming whereas every student has many things to focus on. Those who understand students and their needs, created online services providing support to students.  Being one of them, essaytigers was established to facilitate students in their busy life and assist them in achieving their goals in studies.

Services provided by  include the following:

  • They write research papers
  • They write dissertation essays
  • They write short and long essays in any topic
  • They tutor how to write essays
  • They provide materials for writing essays and different types of papers
  • They conduct reviews of writings
  • They assist with any subject or course work
  • They write reports on books

Now, about some services of this company in a closer look.

It should be mentioned that this online writing service uses special templates to write their essays. Could this really be beneficial for their clients or it only makes the job of the writers easier? A template means that all the essays that were written with its help have something in common. And it, in turn, means that the level of uniqueness of the essay may not be that high as expected. A custom written template can be good in one case – if a customer uses it to write the essay personally.

8Tutoring people how to write their essay perfectly is a great thing to do. But most students would wish to skip that and entrust a professional with writing an essay or a paper for them. Moreover, those who turn to online writing services do not really need material for writing because they are not going to do it. So, these services may not be very popular among customers since this is not exactly they are looking for once turning to this service.

Conducting reviews of writing should be only if they are previously written once and needing professional review. If undertakes to write an essay or a paper, or a report – review should be a part of the writing process, and should not be charges additionally as an extra service.

Literature is a course most of the students would take during their study not matter what their major is. In this case, sooner or later they will be given task to write a report on a book. For some students it is simply difficult to express their opinion in a page or two-long essay. This is where online writing service is often used. It is only the hope that the writers at would render and expand the real customer’s opinion and not express their personal thoughts on the topic. In rare cases they carry out active communication with their customer. The process is almost automated: the order arrives, the writer receives the order, researches the topic and starts doing his job. Once everything is ready, the client receives the paper and that’s it.

All writers from are English native speakers, so it narrows the circle of their customers to only English speaking countries. Each of them is a professional in their own fields and has respective degree.

Prices and discounts at

9It should be mentioned that their prices are higher than those of their competitors. In calculation of the price they do not measure the number of words in the essay, they just count by pages, which seems suspicious at first sight and may further result in extra charges, as it is seen from practical examples. Because normally the price would include a specific number of words, not pages. So, at 1,5 page long essay costs $29.95, and a 2 page long essay costs $49.95. To write an essay consisting of 3 pages costs $74.95. And they do not provide any discounts. And the regular clients do not receive any benefits. High prices, absence of discounts and benefits for clients – is one of the reasons to think well weather to use their services or keep looking.

How to contact: there are two options: phone or email. The company says they are ready to give round the clock assistance to their clients. In practice, assistance does not come to the customer instantly, but they will try to solve the issue sooner.