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Once decided to involve a third party’s help in their educational process, a student has to find a really good service to receive a high quality product. In fact, there is a large quantity of online writing services. Not to make mistake, waste time and money, one should conduct a small investigation about the candidates. is one of such online essay composing services the help of which a lot of students often need. The company, naturally, describes themselves as a trustworthy and professional team to write tailor-made essays in different areas. The company works globally offering their services to students from different countries. However, it is important to note that their writers are mostly native English speaking professions. This is great for the students where English is the first language, such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. For students from other countries, whose language is not English, it is advisable to seek for another service with professional writers speaking different languages, since there is no guarantee the essay will be composed in a proper language and the student will not have to spend more time editing such essay. is trying to provide students of different levels and fields of education with their best services in writing essays, assignments, research and term papers, theses, dissertations, reports about books, preparations for the projects, etc. Their team comprises a number of professional writers in many fields. Before concluding the deal a student is advised to inquire whether have writers who are qualified in their specific field, since it may turn out that someone who has a vague idea about the topic is going to fulfill the order.  If there is no guarantee the writer is stricken into the subject, the essay or paper can be hardly unique and original. The drawback of the service is that they don’t have their system which could help their customers check the level of singularity of the paper. And they do not give any advice to their clients where this procedure can be carried out. So, a student basically has to trust them completely about this.

Special features:

  • The company says they can make urgent orders within 3 to 6 hours. This probably only concerns essay composing, book report, and something that should be a couple of pages long without special research on the topic. And the price would probably be two or three times higher;
  • They would comply with all the needed requirements about the structure and the form of the paper;
  • They provide bibliography for free. Though, bibliography is a part of the paper, it includes the sources used to write the paper. This should not be an additional service actually.


12Using this service would make a student pay a little more money than average cost compared to other similar services. There is an initial price, but it increases according to the scope of work, urgency, level of sophistication, the writer who is going to fulfill the order. The final cost is not beneficial for a client. In rare cases, they do make some discounts for customers, but such decision is taken by the administration based on their own reasons.


The service states that they would process the new order within next few hours, in most cases it is like that. However, as it is in practice, a customer would sometimes have to wait for a day or longer to get the noticed their order is being processed. It sometimes happens they are not able to do the order in the s-called high seasons, especially the urgent once, so the customer, having received a rejection, has to spend time on looking for another service.

They also guarantee to perform the order within the specified deadline. But they give no guarantees for returning the payment or making discount for not making it in time. follow the privacy policy.

How to contact:

Phone number, said to be available full time, and email are the ways to contact this company. It is though reported, the company does not have a sufficient number of lines, so it may take time till you get through, or the call would not be answered at all. They do not have call-back service, so if the student only wishes the services of this company they would sometimes spend a long time waiting on the phone. The situation is better with emails, but they are neither processed instantly.