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Nowadays the possibilities for students are unlimited. If they get a task to write an essay, set out their opinion on the book in writing or write and term paper, it is possible to evolve someone who is a professional in writing in this subject while focusing on something else. This type of services, no doubts, makes things easier for students.  is one of many companies that provide such services. They are able to compose and write any type of paper required from student: essays, assignments, course and term papers, graduate and research papers, dissertations, etc.  The company says they would execute any type of paper a student needs. It sounds quite questionable, but this would mean their writers are those who have passed all this stages of studies, have high academic degrees to be writing all the above mentioned in a variety of academic fields at a high level.

They also write papers for those who take online courses.

Special features of  :

14Being customer friendly they do not always show 100 per cent of responsiveness. Especially it concerns those customers who do not order their papers to be written by the company’s writers and are trying to do it on their own, but just need some assistance during the process. If  wishes to keep a good reputation, they have to cater every client and not making preferences of ones to others.

They are told to be writing model papers and essays. If this model only means keeping to the modern requirements of build, structure of the papers, this is one thing. But if such model is applied to facilitate the process and write similar papers, it is not possible to speak about custom and unique works performed by this team. They say they can guarantee the plagiarism – free content of their works, but this fact put many things under the question.

Prices and discounts at :

The services provided by this company are rather expensive in comparison to other participants of this market. All the types of papers are generally divided into two groups with different prices. The higher the level of the paper, the higher is its cost. For example, they would charge 32 US dollars per page in a term and research paper, essay or online course. A page in master’s degree theses, dissertation or proposal, as well as an article would cost 40 US Dollars. With such high prices, the company does not provide discounts or does not make any deductions, even for regular customers. They do not mention any compensation if any of the conditions of the order is not fulfilled. only provides services in English for English speaking students. They do not work with a large variety of countries. But heir writers are said to be professionals in their work.

Customer support provided by :

13This company, like any other, aims to attract more people into the service. They provide high level of services to students, however there sometimes happen misfortunes. They have a special online course for those who wish to pursue with writing their paper individually, without anybody’s assistance. But this course is structured the way to ensure these brave people that they are not going to make it alone without their help. It does not really give people practical advice about their papers, but advertises the services of the company and convince the students to entrust paper writing to their professionals.

The 24-hour customer support usually takes longer than 24 hours. It’s ok to wait a bit if there is no urgency.

Guarantees given by : this company assures clients they will receive the following:

  • Affordable price is definitely a vague guarantee since the cost of services is higher than those of their competitors;
  • 100 % customer’s satisfaction;
  • Round the clock customer support;
  • Orders are carried out by professionals.

How to contact :

All the customers of http://www.  have several options to contact the company: live chat, email or phone. In live chat, at first one has to answer several aquatically generated questions before being connected to operator. Emails seem to be processed quite fast, and calling them may take some time since the line is often busy.