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Educational process nowadays is not anymore as it was before. Students learnt to differentiate between the subjects of paramount and minor importance.  Many of them have additional extra curriculum activities or part-time jobs, are engaged in receiving two degrees simultaneously, or are busy with something else. Online space has a lot to offer to those students who do not have an opportunity to take time off for long evenings in libraries and at computer screens looking for information for their paper, or to those who do not simply feel competent enough to write a paper. is the company that assists students in their academic issues, and offers services for writing all types of papers starting with simple essays to course works, term papers, theses, dissertations, research works and assignments in all possible fields. They are ready to help any students realize their academic capabilities and show better results in studying. The company presents itself as a customer friendly one which means all the services they provide should be exceptionally beneficial for the customer. Though, it is not a charity company, so they have to protect their own interest as well.

Distinctive features of  : the company says its main characteristic is the ability to deliver professional papers in every academic field of study because their writers are experts in all of them. This statement sounds to be a bit exaggerated. It is not possible to be an expert in every field. But this type of self-advertisement works well with clients.

18Their stuff are all English native speakers, it means that the service is only suitable for English speaking countries. They want to go globally, but then the quality of the performed work shall be in doubt.

They also promise the shortest terms for completing the order. It can to always be good. There is a saying haste makes waste. In this case a paper will need a thorough review. And what is better, if there is not urgency, to take time for doing everything properly. Rush is not always the indicator of professionalism.

Guarantees given by : issues guaranties to some of the services they offer, namely:

  • 100 % unique papers;
  • All the papers and essays are composed by English speaking writers;
  • They say they review the papers free of charge. Many other similar online services do not even single out this as a separate service. This is a part of a natural process of writing. A writer should review his work, make corrections and additions if necessary. Without revision the paper will not be considered competed.
  • Round the clock service availability. It is a proven fact that at night time the work of the service leaves much to be desired.

19Cost of services and discounts at : the cost of the services provided by this company can be evaluated as a little higher than the average cost. Their prices are not sky-high, but it is possible to find top-quality services at lower prices. The range starts with 10 US dollars, but customers are really charged at that rate because the cost grows with the required number of pages, level of topic complexity, academic type of the paper. The cost after completion of the paper is usually much higher than the approximate cost they give when the order is being placed.  serves several types of discounts for their customers. When a student is buying his paper he can get a one-time discount, or, if using their service repeatedly, a life-time discount. The latter is rather funny type of discount because nobody plans to remain forever student unless this discount can be inherited by the progeny.

Customer support by :

To make sure their service works satisfactory the company collects feedbacks from their customers.

Their prices are rather moderate for the sake of their customers, however there are other companies providing their services with lower prices.

To contact the team of the company a client may use his email, or use their online service. It is difficult to say what is better to use. Emails sometimes get lost and they are not processed at once. Online service is a bit slow, there is probably a limited number of operators working online, so it takes some time while one gets free.